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Year 1 phonic screening information for parents

Year 1 Phonic screening parent information


Miss Challender, our phonic leader, held two parent meetings recently with the aim of supporting parents in year 1 to understand what the phonic screening is and how they can help their children at home. 


The phonic screening is a test that the children in year 1 take in June. This test is to evaluate their ability to blend sounds together to read both real and nonsense words. The children will read 40 words, which will be shown to them as flashcards. As far as the children are concerned, they will not see this as a different format from their normal, daily phonic teaching. The teachers do not refer to it as a test, instead the children are asked to play a reading game with their teacher one  a 1:1 basis. 


For the past 3 year the pass mark for this screening has been 32 out of 40 words. Last year we had 86% of children meet this standard and nationally it was 83%. If a child is not successful in year 1 at meeting this level then they get the opportunity to retake the screening in year 2. Last year our combined score for children passing the phonic screening in both year 1 and year 2 was 98%. 


We urge parents to please not worry about this screening. The staff work very hard to develop children's confidence in using their phonics for reading and we ensure that they enjoy the activities that they do and are praised constantly for their perseverance and effort. 


The good news is that you can help at home by continuing your daily reading with them and modelling blending to them too. In the presentation slides, Miss Challender has listed many other ways that you can help at home too. 


We hope that you find this useful. Please don't forget that if you have any questions to please contact Miss Challender or Mrs K. We will be more than happy to answer and questions. 



Please find the presentation below for your reference:
Please find below a practise paper that you can download, print and cut into flashcards: 
Please find below a sound mat that details all of the sounds that your children need to know and will be learning in class: 
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