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We are learning French at Holly Spring Infant and Nursery School!

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Whilst it is not a National requirement for pupils to learn an additional language at Key Stage One, there is considerable evidence to show that very young learners have a natural aptitude for picking up new languages, even whilst they are still in the process of mastering their own.


Since September 2012 all our pupils, from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 2, have taken part in a French lesson once a week, with sessions lasting approximately 30 mins.


Our experience of teaching French at HSI has shown that the children very rapidly develop an understanding of simple instructions, through the teacher’s use of actions and mime, and through playing games like, for example, ‘Simon Says’  (or ‘Jacques a dit’). They also enjoy exploring the sounds of new words and putting these into practice in games, songs, and action rhymes. The emphasis in every lesson is on the children listening, understanding, speaking (when they feel ready to), and most importantly enjoying the French language. They are sometimes given sheets with pictures and words to either bring home and share with their family, or to put in their folders for future reference, and these sheets will follow-up what we have covered in class.


Quite a number of parents have expressed an interest in helping their children further at home, and we would actively encourage this, as long as the resources e.g. books, DVDs, CDs, websites etc. that are used provide a good, accurate presentation of the spoken language. Unfortunately some of the translation sites and apps available on the internet fail to do this. Below are links to some of the websites that we have found to be suitable for our young learners, and which present the French language to them in a fun, appealing way.  has some good games, suitable topics, activities relating to things we have been learning about


youtube** songs with videos by alain le lait:

                                                  les parties du corps,

                                                  les chiffres et les nombres 1 a 20

                                                  Couleurs: arc en ciel

                                                  Couleurs: j’aime les voitures

                                                  Les poissons

                                                  J’ai faim, j’ai soif


** Please be aware when using youtube that some songs may be preceded by adverts** for traditional French nursery rhymes


** Please pop in to see Mrs Kerr after school on Tues or Thurs if you would like further information.