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Welcome Back!


Spring has sprung and we are all excited about the learning opportunities the children are going be exploring this term with our Fire! Fire! topic. They are going to be immersed into the historical event of The Great Fire of London. We have arranged for an acting company to come into school to give the children a real 'hands on' experience of the events which lead up to the fire and the children will be designing and creating their own model version of London. Lots to look forward to and learn about over the coming term.


Please look through the topic web below and should you have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher.



Class Teachers and Support Staff Information

  • Miss Kempson - Year Leader and Grasshoppers teacher
  • Mrs Gocke and Miss Keep - Bumblebees teachers
  • Mrs Dennis - Butterflies teacher
  • Miss Hathaway - Class TA and Cover teacher
  • Mrs Bennett - Class TA and Intervention TA
  • Mrs Webber - Class TA
  • Miss O'Neill - Class TA
  • Mrs Lewis - Intervention TA and Cover Teacher


Our topic this term is

Fire! Fire!

Please see the topic web below

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Year 2 Long term plan

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