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Roles and Committees

Governor Responsibilities

Chair: Stephen Weeks

Vice-Chair: Matt Hogan


Specific Governor Responsibilities:
  • Safeguarding: Stephen Weeks
  • SEND: Sarah Russell & Fengling Tang
  • Pupil Premium Grant: Bogna Lesniewicz & Fengling Tang
  • Development: Matt Hogan
  • Health & Safety: James Turner
  • Finance Lead: Lisa Kemp
  • GDPR Monitoring: John Bragg
  • EYFS Monitoring: Fengling Tang

Governor committees 2018/19

Teaching and Learning

School Management & Finance

Sarah Russell (Chair)

John Bragg (Chair)

Stephen Weeks

Lisa Kemp (Finance lead)

Tracy King

Tracy King

Bogna Lesniewicz

Stephen Weeks

Fengling Tang

Matt Hogan

Ellie Ashwood

James Turner

Sian Karamolegkos (associate member)*


*Associate members do not have voting rights on these committees