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Roles and Committees

Governor Responsibilities

Chair: Stephen Weeks

Vice-Chair: Matt Hogan


Specific Governor Responsibilities:
  • Safeguarding: Stephen Weeks
  • SEND: Sarah Russell & Fengling Tang
  • Pupil Premium Grant: Bogna Lesniewicz & Fengling Tang
  • Development: Matt Hogan
  • Health & Safety: James Turner
  • Finance Lead: Lisa Kemp
  • GDPR Monitoring: John Bragg
  • EYFS Monitoring: Fengling Tang

Governor committees 2018/19

Teaching and Learning

Finance & HR

Sarah Russell (Chair)

John Bragg (Chair)

Stephen Weeks

Tracy King

Tracy King

         Stephen Weeks

Bogna Lesniewicz

         Matt Hogan

Fengling Tang

         James Turner

Ellie Ashwood


Sian Karamolegkos (associate member)*


*Associate members do not have voting rights on these committees